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Roberto Monge

Saludos Tim,

I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your posts and research. My family had to flee from El Salvador in the 80s. I continue to reconnect with my past and these stories of the ancestors having gatherings near my home town of Suchitoto give me great joy. Please keep the stories coming.

p.s. I'd love to interview you also for some research I'm doing.

Tim Lohrentz

Salud Roberto,

I'm glad you're enjoying the research. I will be writing about Suchitoto a little coming up. I'd be happy to do an interview. Send me an email to connect: [email protected].

Roberto Monge

Hey Tim,

Thanks for the chat recently. Remember how you said that you didn't believe in coincidences? I was listening to some of the video I had recorded of my uncle carlos about my grandparents and it had escaped me before because I wasn't familiar with Arcatao but when I listened again I realized he was saying that my grandmother's side of the family is from Arcatao.


The plot thickens. It makes me want to go there and interview any family that is left there. According to my uncle we still have some land there.

muchas gracias Tim!


Gracias Tim por este blog, me parece sumamente interesante. Soy de El Salvador y estoy interesada en re-descubrir mis propias raices historicas las cuales han quedado atras. Sobre todo me motiva mucho el tener un seguimiento academico de estas investigaciones. Muchas gracias.

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