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John Comeau

good work Tim. you're helping bring back the love of linguistics I had in my teens. you may be extrapolating a bit too much from one word though :^)

Roberto Monge

I found out something fairly interesting that I thought you'd be interested in. I did a DNA study through 23andme and asked about other who have mtDNA B2b to say where they are from. A couple of folks were from Arawak lines in Brazil and one was Wapashana Arawak from Guyana/Northern Brazil.

Tim Lohrentz

This mtDNA dates back to Monte Verde, Chile, in any case, Roberto. Either you have relatives who were later immigrants from the Arawak area to El Salvador or there were two sisters and one joined the migration to Venezuela (Taima-taima), root of the Arawak, and the other stayed in Chile and eventually her offspring made their way to El Salvador in about 8700 BCE.

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