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August A Croes

Very interesting article, in my humble opinion based upon what I have just read in this article, I reach to this theory, that these proto-Ch`orti speaking people must have reached the island of Aruba at a point in time, at place that used to exist called Tara-tata close to Paardenbaai,Oranjestad. This was and old maritime arrival spot, now part of a land fill that stores containers in the free zone site. In 1982 I have discovered a peculiar projectile point made of a non local stone which has no resemblance whit the Caquetian style or techniques of elaboration.This shows more association with an earlier era. Check out Etnia Native on FB to see projectile point.Pls. comment.

Tim Lohrentz

August - It is highly likely that the first settlers to Aruba came from the Venezuela coast at about that same time, 12,000 BCE. Tara-tata means "arrival of the grandfathers". I'm sure there are other meaningful place names from that time like Arikok, Andicuri, Daimari, Arashi, Malmok, Madiki. I saw the foto of the projectile point - to me it looks similar to some of those in Venezuela.

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