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Greetings Mr. Lorehntz I've read with interest your post regarding the word "Teosinte" and other posts as well, I am sorry that you were disappointed with the David J. Guzman Museum I atribute their limited displays of history to the lack of resources and support from the local both past and present government, this not to say I agree or disagree with their policies, in regards to the word "Teosinte" I could not find other information that would lead me to believe the word is not related to "corn" several dictionaries have it listed as Origin: AmSp < Nahuatl teo∶sinλi, teo∶senλi, lit., divine maize < teo∶λ, god + sinλi, senλi, maize, however I am curious to know why you believe this relates to "island". Again I will read with interest the comments you write on the subject.

Best Regards
R. Gomez

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