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travel places are the gifts of god to man for its enjoyment and fun .

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Travel is in the essence of human beings. In early days man used to travel by reef boats and used to fulfill his desire by exploring different continents of the world. Traveling makes a person to know the world. The world has been made for us to roam around and explore the beauty and attraction.

Tim Lohrentz

The Mayans may have traveled to the South African cape - they definitely made it to West Africa. And maybe up some of the rivers in Virginia as well.

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Traveling has long been a human’s favorite activity. I personally think that traveling each corner of the world is the best thing to do. I really enjoyed reading this article and honestly, I never knew that discern travelers existed back in the ancient times. The Mesoamerican people did a great job and have set an example for us, the travelers of this generation. Mesoamerican people were indeed legendary.


Agree with your point of view

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