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Schiller Rick

My current discovery of the Genesis Mayan Mars connect it to the Marduk of the city Harran Syria (2049bc Feb 9 on the day 7-imix Noah's 360-day year 925, with a Feb 29 date of 1-imix as Mayan tun 1080). A 39-year Mars (3x13) before this date of building this city, the year 2088bc is birth of Terah for Greeks, but birth of his son Haran for Jasher and for Mayans. It is Mayan tun 1041 from tun 1 +1040 as 1025 Julian years from 3113bc (Noah's grandson Arpaxad born when the Flood ended). What this correlates as is that Mayans & Harran had the same date 1-imix for the setting of Mars on day 1-imix the last tzolking (3rd tzolkin) of 780-day Mars. In Harran Syria this is a 240-day Marduk of 120-days to a TAU (cross) of Mars named after his father Terah when created by Nahor (2148bc July 18) on 4-imix to observe rising another 120 days on day 7-imix. But Mayans changed it to 130 days to day 1-Chuen as the TAU or cross of Mars and so 130 days then back to 1-imix for its rising date of 20 days after the Harran Syrian Marduk. This is what shifted the original 360-day calendar of the world 20 days forward. It was done in 1274bc because the Nov 15 conj of Mars was ignored 37 days before the Harran's Terah TAU (December 22), thus 47 days before 1-Chuen the January 1 winter solstice. This means that every 780 days the date 1-Chuen was used as solar conjunction of Mars presuming Mars could be seen setting the day 1-imix before and the day 1-imix after. Obviously if Mars conj of 1275bc at Izapa was Nov 15 (47 days before 1-Chuen the solstice sun crossing used as Mars crossing) then of the 130 Mars was evening star only 83 days of which about 45 of those are absent in evening twilight so that Mars is visible from day 1-imix for about 38 days, absent for 90, and then rising much sooner after 1-Chuen than it ought to. Obviously in previous years there were Mars conjunctions much closer to 1-Chuen. Terah's TAU date of 4imix is exact for Mars conj 1300bc May 7 (1-Chuen May 17), and 1761bc Jan 28 (1-Chen Feb 7)unveiling their journey of the Maya family with China and Korea and Japs from Mari Syria to Babylon then India. I suppose that is my next step to find what years 1-Chen is Mars. However, 780-day Mars whether Mayan or Harran is slipping backwards during many centuries from 1513bc to 100bc to dates before 4-imix and 1-Chuen. So it is not easy to find the 1-Chuen TAU of Mars. Will update, if i dont lose this site.

Schiller Rick

Okay search has been done, and results are in. Mars as the day 1-Chuen circles the sun in its own analemma of deviation passing west of the sun in centuries prior to Mayan Exodus 1537bc (1600tun). The last exact conjunction in the furthest western retrograde of this analemma is the 1-Chuen date 1600bc April 7. Its position for 1569bc April 19 is on the edge of the sun to the south and after this date the 1-Chuen Mars no longer crosses behind the sun thus failing the date of 1537bc May 1. However, this was not Earth's Armageddon (1600tun), the comet was 1513bc (1600haab) as proven by Egypt whose Flood is not 3114bc but 3090bc and so Egyptian 1600tun falls 24 tun later in 1513bc. The point is that the Maya were smart enough to note their 1-Chuen solstice of 1274bc Jan 1 has not been a 1-Chuen Mars conjunction since 1537bc. Actually i hate to claim Americans smart because of Einstein, or Germans as smart, or Jews as smart, and so the same with stupid Mayans are not smart because of one mayan genius back in 1274bc. That Mayan was till in error from true Genesis, just as Eistein does have error, but hey credit the man not the whole people.

Schiller Rick

Reason for coming to this site. I was looking to learn what makes a 1-Monkey year, and a 3-Monkey year. I know 13Ahau is 40 days before 1Ahau, so 13Monkey is 40 days before 1Monkey, and 1 Monkey is 40 days before 2Monkey and 40 days before 3Monkey. So then 1-Monkey as 80 days before 3-Monkey if in years then 1-Monkey 80 years before 3-Monkey plus another 260 years to 3-Monkey. This is my own real-time thinking here, sigh. So if the Acapulco 3-Monkey year of 1246 tun 3.2 on day ik (2-ik) is 1868bc Sep 7 which i know is the year of teh death of Salem's Melkizedek which counts down to building Chichen Itza. It is Shem's death retained for Noah of Flood 2370bc but lost for NOah of Flood 3114bc. Sources say this is 3-Monkey which requires of us to find out how and when and to what was year 1-Monkey afixed to. As always Satan speaks first, i was thinking 1MOnkey to 3Monkey was 40 years and so came up with Babylon's 2948-2947bc. But it is 80 years so instead i have 2208bc which begins the 2207bc kingship of Ur, that China claims is Yu ruling 2205bc. So let us do this guys! Sothic date 747bc Toth is Feb 26 and so 365 leap days is also in 2207bc. Pop 1 is 16 days before Tot 1 so Pop 1 is Feb 10. Interesting, putting Pop 0 on Feb 9 of 365-day haab just as the original 360-day new year for Harran in 2049bc is Feb 9. Likewise Mayan 2049bc Feb 29 matches 360-day 10th month in 2207bc on Feb 28. This is only suggestive of 2207bc being our 1-Monkey year correlation for the 1868bc Melkizedek 3-Monkey year. Isn't it amazing how they worship dates and years as if it is the science controlling longevity so never seeing carbon-14 on DNA killing organic life by aging it.

Schiller Rick

OMG how stupid of me. Chinese Wu-Monkey. Not Julian 2209bc but 360-day 2207bc is 1-Monkey (Adam's year 1821am) plus 80-year kingship of Reu (=81 tun) son of Peleg/Pheleg (Chinese YU son of Xia /Hsia) to 2127bc (his son Serug the Mesh-King of Nanna) actually starting new year tun in 2126bc and so 81 years (=82 tun). So from 2207bc May 29 (Mayan Jun 18) in 360-day Noah's year 765 (1821am) Chinese Wu-Monkey (Mayan 1-Monkey) plus 20 years to Wu-Dragon 2187bc Feb 13 (of which Wu-Chen and Wu-Shen are confused with dragon or monkey because 20 years is not 12-year cycle of Jupiter) so as Mayan 8-Monkey plus 20 years to 2168bc (Oct 31) Chinese year Wu-Rat as Mayan 2-Monkey so making 60 years back to Monkey in 2148bc July 18 (Mayan Aug 7) as Noah's 825 (1881am) is Chinese Wu-Monkey/Mayan 9-Monkey rules 20 more years to 2128bc April 4 as once again Chinese year Wu-Dragon, Noah's 845 (1901am) as Mayan year 3-Monkey which is 260 years to Mayan 3-Monkey in 1868bc. So the significance of Shem Melkizedek dying in year 3-Monkey =3-Chuen (Wu-Dragon = 1-Chen) is 260 years of son Serug Mesh-King of Nanna taking over the world's first kingship by his father Reu son of Phalleg (Chinese Yu son of Xia).

Schiller Rick

TYPO 1264 tun in 1868bc not 1246 tun.


The reason all Mayan 5.1 uinal day imix is also Noah's 30-day 5th month is because both Mayan 260-day solar conjunction (130+130 from 1imix to 1Chuen to 1imix) begins on 5.1 so as to be rising on newyear 0.1 as formerly 240-day conjunction from 5th month to new years day every 13 years. This means the 40-day Flood centers on the December 17 Saturnalia of 3114bc as it also does the true Flood in 2370bc for its 40-day Flood of Nov 27 to January 6 venus Epiphany. It indicates then that all Mayans came from Harran Syria (that is to say observed Marduk of Harran in their city of Mari). Thus the 40-day Flood is (G.Nov 1 =Nov 27 as uinal 4.1 day 7 imix to G.Nov 21 =Dec 17 as uinal 5.1 day 1imix to G.Dec 11 =Jan 6 of 3113bc as uinal 6.1 day 8imix which are the same sothic Julian dates as the actual Flood in 2370bc.

Comment on retrograde =all oppositions of Mars are the middle of the backward retrograde. Another comment = 8 year Venus as 8x 365 day = 5x 584 day is a 2920-day cycle that is 20-day (146x 20 day) contrary to what this article says and claims. However, Venus loses 2 days every 40 years of haab, which is a loss of 20 days every 400 years of haab.

Schiller Rick

Okay I misunderstood your phrase retrograde calendar as in go backwards as we go backwards with Julian dates before Julian Calendar 45bc. Now I reckon you mean a calendar that centers the day 13Ahau-1imix on the Mars opposition as Mars goes backwards in retrograde loop. That is where opposition is, the middle of the loop (or ankh) going backwards. However, the error and drift of 780-day Mars is the same whether solar conjunction or opposition. The simple fact is that a 130-day set Mars and 130-day rise Mars will center solar conjunction on day 1-Monkey 1-Chen 1-Cuen Wu-Monkey of both 260-day Mayan and 60-day Chinese day cycles. The 120-day before original TAU (10-days before Wu-Monkey) will be in 140 days forward the day 1-imix in a 20-day cycle back to that 1-imix 120-day before original TAU, creating that new TAU of 130-day 10 days after the original. THIS will create the half 780-day Mars at 1-imix opposition which will drift just as much as solar TAU. Simple fact, the TAU of 2148bc July 18 (correct conjunction July 20 pending use of RA or longitude) drifts 134 days back by our 1914AD, the TAU ends up on Christmas Eve Dec 24 instead of 1915 May 7 360-day new year sinking the Lisutuania 133 dfdays after Chirstmas.

Schiller Rick

whoa wait a minute, that's a bunch of crap to say Mars is effected by Milky Way center and 8 other planets are not. Elliptical orbit is due to not yet becoming circular. Just as Pluto which crosses within Neptune.

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