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Morgan Jones

Don't know that you will read this Tim, I am a new viewer to this site. Very much enjoy the information that is being passed on. I'm an amateur mayanist/archaeologist and have an great interest in the origin of "it all" Have read all I can get my hands on in regards to Mesoamerican cultures, really have been in awe of the Mayan culture since I was a kid. I had'nt heard, til now, of the connection between El Salvador and the Maya. Good stuff! If you have any recommendations for furthering my education on all of the above, would be most thankful. Yours truly, Morgan

Tim Lohrentz

Morgan, I'm really glad that you are enjoying the blog. El Salvador gets left out of much of the discussion of the Mayan, but it shouldn't. If you are not reading Robert Sharer, I would highly recommend him generally and for his understanding of the importance of the Pacific Coast, including El Salvador. His overview, 'The Ancient Maya', is great but he also has more specific writings on Chalchuapa, etc.

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