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Raul Rodriguez

Tim: we met in Chalatenango many yeras ago,
I do think you may be correct in your thesis of the easter El Salvador-Arcatao- opan Rute. But I know since I was a little kid, another Chorti Route to Copan, Ialso heard of another place in Chalate that was named Teosinte. I hope to verfy this site very soon. Also, some of us, that had Chorti's great grand mothers, know some other words in Chalate. Please call me at 240-271 4685. We might be able to work toguether. I know you will not remember my name. As soon as we speak, you will remember me.

Tim Lohrentz

Raul, I will give you a call soon. I'm sure I'll remember you when we speak. Yes, I've been to the other Teosinte, by way of Tejutla. A magical place. I hiked up into the mountains and it was full of grass, I could imagine teosinte grass there. I would love to hear some Chorti stories from you. Tim


Hey guys, I Don't know much about the Chorti heritage, shame on Me, but I can tell you some things about Ilopango Lake, I'm a scuba diver and we know and area 45 feet deep were there's a rock formation that looks like stairs carved on Rocks,I also work in a Salt Works in Fonseca Gulf, and found some Rock formations that look like ancient Precolombine Saltworks, really I wish I know More... Thanks...

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