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Hello, I would LOVE to know more about the natives from el salvador. I myself am from el salvador and have been looking to learn about natives from there. I've looked on the internet but haven't found anything. Is there a way you can email me, or find a way we can talk. I really want to know. Thank you


Hi Jasmine,
Email me at

I'm salvadorian and been working with native groups in el Salvador

Mauricio Colocho

Hi, am a 25 year old salvadoreño who has been desperately searching for my history. No matter where i look i cant seem to find anything about my indigenious past. Am hungry and eager to learn all i can about my people, im very passionate about this subject please help me learn of a way to learn more about us.

francisco alvarenga

Hello my name is paco I'm very interested
in knowing as much as i can about my roots
in el salvador

Tim Lohrentz

Mauricia and Paco - It's not easy to find good sources on Salvadoran history, that's one of the reasons I started writing about it. And it's a very rich history that dates back almost 11,000 years to when the Maya-Lenca ancestors arrived from South America. From 8500 BCE to 2000 BCE El Salvador was one of the two most important countries in the Americas along with Peru. Mauricio and Paco, where are your families from?

Anais Ruiz

I see so many people want to know! incuding me being two cultures I am mexican and salvadorean and would love to know so much! I have tried reaching and contacting many people to get to know my roots! :)

Anais Ruiz

is there any way of contacting you?

Tim Lohrentz

Anais, you can email me at . Now I'm starting to write about South America, but it's all connected. Tim

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